Making Mrs. DePew #6060

Check out this beautiful fabric I got a few weeks ago from Allegro Fabric! The second I saw it, I knew I had to have it for a blouse. I was also wanting to try making a better fitting Mrs. DePew #6060. 

I’ve made a few muslins, but still need to tweak the pattern some. It’s working out, though, and I’m fixing it as I go.

For the front yoke, I messed with a few methods before deciding to use the assembly method from my Dress Like Your Grandma challenge dress. It looks quite nice.

The front waist dart needed considerable scooting over, but was an easy fix. The Fiskars were the waist dart, the buttonhole scissors the bust.

I lengthened it to be to the top of my hip bone, unhemmed. Blouses don’t need super wide hems, so it won’t go up too much. I added slots to the side. The back is a smidgen longer than the front. I am well known in my family for needing that…

I have the iron on hand for fast ironing. I really do not like fish eye darts, SOBs iron funky.

Other than that, I hope to get the blouse done before Sunday! I’ll be taking a break soon because the weather is screwing with my wrist.


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