FBA on Mrs. DePew #6060

I bought this pattern last year. I dive right in with some rainbow seersucker, and it was beautiful.

Except, it didn’t fit quite right.
It needed an FBA, the armhole gaped and to be lengthened, A LOT. 

So, I wore it twice and swore to fix the pattern when I got a chance.

I was going through my scrap stash recently, and found an old sheet I had used to make a Cabbage Patch outfit a while back. I kept it out for the sole purpose of making a few muslins. Today, I tackled this!

Here’s the adjusted front pattern pieces. Originally, there is only a waist dart, but, because of the FBA, a bust dart was also put in.

Here’s the back. Both pieces look like messes, and the yoke is a little funky. I’m going to redraw the pattern pieces, though, once I’m sure the fit is right.

Here’s the muslin. The bust doesn’t tug now, and it is a good length. I still need to add the fisheye darts in the back.
The armhole is still a problem, though, and it seems to have too much fabric still. I’ll see if the fisheye darts help that.

Welp, there’s the FBA, now onto the next problem.


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