Mrs. DePew Corsolet

Well, I think girdle fits better. This is a wearable muslin, using peach tricot from, but I think they discontinued it. I don’t know why, it’s lovely fabric. I used it in a bra and panties, too.

I haven’t been able to buy fabric lately, so I’ve been knitting. Then, I remembered I had enough pink denim for shorts, and that I had bought DePew 2003 for Easter, but because I didn’t buy stockings, put it on the back burner.

So I got my shorts cut, and then decided to give this a go until I can get a zipper and interfacing.

I made some changes. I shortened the top so it wouldn’t rub weirdly, and made it a roll on. It originally had a type of closure. Well, tricot runs something fierce with that. 

I had made a real muslin, and that works nicely with a zipper or hook and eyes. I planned to use polyester satin, but changed my mind. 

Onto the tricot version…

The sides are underlined with powermesh from JoAnn’s. It adds light control, but not a ton. 
The top and bottom have strap elastic to help hold it in place. It still has good give. I walked through the house, and even over a baby gate, with it on after adding the elastic. The only thing is the top is a smidge snugger than I intended. A long line bra will help that.

There are four garter clips in rose gold. The clips and elastic are from Tailor Made Shoppe on Etsy.
It sews up very quickly, like most undergarments. This particular one I will likely use as a daily girdle, under more flowing skirts and dresses. I will be making it again, once I settle on a fabric.


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