Grey Monteagle Bag

For Mother’s Day, my step-son gave me yarn and knitting needles last weekend. Two skeins of Peaches and Creme cotton, grey and pink, and a skein of Red Heart pink. Now, I’ve been wanting to knit a particular bag for a while, but only had ombre cotton. It didn’t seem like it would look right in that, and even though the cotton yarn is $1.50 at Wal-Mart, I hadn’t bought any solids to knit it. When he gave me the yarn, I immediately knew what I would use it for.

The Monteagle Bag!
It was the name that caught my attention of Ravelry. You see, growing up, Monteagle was a great sign, got several reasons.

1-My Meme was from a town just half an hour from there. We always passed by it on the way to visit her parent’s family that still lived in the area.

2- It meant our week was almost ready to start. Fresh air, playing kick the can, walking around the Pines, no cell phones or computers…and the food. Ohhhhh God, the food.

3- We were traveling from St. Louis. Rest stops included, we would be in the vehicle for about EIGHT hours. We were all grumpy, sore and couldn’t wait to get out.

Now, I won’t lie. This bag looks like a rat’s nest while you’re working on it. It’s very open, but it needs to be stretched out. After restarting twice, I finally got the hang of the stitches. The cross stitch section is the most difficult, I think. Also, as it is open, you may pick up or drop stitches without meaning to. I ended up with 12 extra stitches. Oh well. It still looks nice.
I cast on using smaller needles than I used on the body. I also use the smaller needles for the strap. Felt like that would be sturdier than such open knitting. I also made my strap wider.

I twisted the strap by accident, but it’s a “happy accident.” It fits with how funky this bag is.


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