Months ago, I bought some heavy denim and Italian cotton-silk fabric from Mood. I made amazingly comfortable dungarees with the denim, but I’ve sat on the cotton-silk for a while now.

The moment I saw it, I fell in love. Crisp white with black embroidered stripes running through. Just slightly sheer. It demanded a beautiful sundress…and that’s where my indecisiveness began.
Originally, I thought it could work for a 1940s wrap dress from Wearing History, but the pattern felt too casual for this fabric. I love the pattern, and decided seersucker would be better. I could wear it more, then.

So, I poured over vintage dresses for inspiration. I looked through my patterns, and for new ones. Nothing stuck out.

Meanwhile, my poor, beautiful fabric waited in a bag in a tub. It hasn’t even been prewashed! 

Then, on our way home today, my husband and I passed Red Lobster. I told him I couldn’t believe his son hasn’t ever been there, the poor boy is going to be dating in a few years and needs to know nicer places to take a girl. He laughed at me, saying high school relationships don’t deserve such a place. I countered with the fact it is a chain restaurant, and while nice, it certainly isn’t a place like the locally owned places over in St. Louis. He agreed, and told me he wants to take me to one such place this summer. They have amazing nachos, he told me…but, also, brunch.

It instantly reminded me of a sundress I made last summer for his birthday date. (…bowling. I wouldn’t have worn a dress if I knew that had been his plan.)

I made it from Gertie’s dressbook, using lawn I got from JoAnn’s. It was comfortable, and fit wonderfully. I need to make a muslin to adjust the pattern a little, I had to add neck darts to the back, and I think I had to adjust the front some, the first one wasn’t quite right. It’s been nearly a year, forgive my bad memory.

Also, I need to iron it. I just hung it up after letting it sit in the dryer for a day.

Now, my beautiful Italian fabric needs an underlining, I think. It is only 18% silk, but slightly sheer and boy does it fray.

Pilot Barbie makes it look more opaque than it is. (look at those edges! Still before prewashing!)

But here, pressed against the fabric, shows how sheer it is. Not a lot, but, for a fitted bodice, that won’t do. The bodice and midriff would benefit from underlining, I think.
But what to underline it with? I think I’ll give organza a whirl for interfacing, but I’m not sure I want that to underline. I’ll probably use voile, lawn, batiste, some super light and airy cotton as the lining. Maybe I should use it to underline, too? I want natural fibers, so Bemberg isn’t an option. Well, off to look into this some more.


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