Dress Like Your Grandma Reveal

I loved this challenge, and have been looking more at my family’s old photos for more inspiration!

As I said, I used my great-grandmother for this, taking a picture of her shortly after she and my great-grandfather eloped in 1942. My grandmother was born at the end of 1943, and I have a lovely picture of my great-grandparents near the end of the war, and one that same day of my great-grandma and my grandma. I think I’ll look into making that suit later.

Here is the original:

My great-grandparents are holding hands, and two of his sisters are with them. MomMom was a beautiful woman. She didn’t do much sewing, she preferred to quilt. Her mother did sew, and I imagine she made that dress. I’ll talk more on that.

Here’s my take on it:

I got mixed up on the buttons.
Internet colorizers weren’t helpful, I think because her and Papa were in the light. His uniform should be khaki, he was tan/olive and had dark hair. She had dark hair and was fairer, but darker than I am. The colorizer gave him a weird pinkish uniform in spots, and green in others, and just made her dress brown and green, too. 

So, I decided I would wear a “bluegrass” dress more than navy, mustard, or brown, which would have been popular at the time. Green was fairly popular, but not quite as much as the others. Same with the buttons.

I think mine may be a little blousier than her’s, I can’t quite tell.

It is hard to see, but I’m built like her. Which is actually why I think her mom made the dress. The buttons extending to the hips made it easy to step into. My hips would not fit had it been to the waist. While looking for color ideas, I didn’t see that particular design feature all that much.

Overall, I love this dress. It was so nice sewing it, and being able to enjoy the pictures of MomMom. She passed in 2014, the last few years were rough for her. She outlived two husbands, both of her children, and her son-in-law, who was also a long time friend. She lost so much, but her eyes still lit up when we would visit. I cherish the photos of her with my daughters.

MomMom was a strong woman, coming from Tennessee Appalachians. She worked and bought a small house while Papa was fighting in Europe. For a brief time, she was a teacher. She eventually worked at Chrysler under the men’s code, which meant she had to do harder labor and heavier lifting to make the same they did. When she retired, she was an inspector on the assembly line. That’s not the MomMom I knew. I knew the one who lived in a farm, gathering eggs, fishing in her pond, and all the green beans. She canned, she quilted. She went to Jamaica on mission trips. She was such a loving woman. 

We would play Aggravation sometimes, and her eyes would just twinkle. Her two children had that twinkle. You always knew when they were about to send you back to base, they would chuckle and their eyes would get that twinkle. So many great memories.

This was part of the Dress Like Your Grandma Challenge, thank you for such a fun event! 


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